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The Ministry of Culture
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tekstai kuriami. jie niekada nebus sukurti




Creation and recreation houses of the LWU


Urbo kalnas

Recreation house ‘URBO KALNAS’

Canons for aesthetics, employed for a landscape, are strict, but Nida in Neringa, as the Alps in Switzerland, has the full mark. It is no wonder: there are the biggest dunes along the whole Baltic coast, from where it is possible to see the sea and the bay at the same time, mild microclimate, a lot of clear days – it is an ideal place for recreation and relaxation. This is a favourite place of Thomas Mann – the German aristocrat, the Nobel Prize winner and writer in the 19th c.

We offer You ‘Urbo kalnas’ – an acting all-year-round recreation house of cottage type.
There are single, double or three-roomed apartments with porches, WC, baths and showers. You can spend evenings at bar, watching at the same time the sun going down and the moon rising over the bay. In the hotel there is a conference hall with 45 seats as well as some rooms designed for meeting of 10-15 persons.

If You want to take exercise, You can rent a bicycle, yacht or boat – fishing at the Kuršių Bay from a launch will give You unforgettable moments.

If You are fond of history or ancient time, You will find something interesting at the Museum of Amber, at the Museum of Fishers You will be familiarized with a daily life of the Kuršiai and children are always willing to visit the Museum of Sea with dolphins, penguins and sea-lions… You will also see sanded villages.

If You are just in love – You can go to a concert, exhibition, festival or dancing party – the beautiful nature will speak for You.

‘Urbo kalnas’ offers You full comfort, but there are no civilization noise and dust. Therefore, it is also a house of creation and recreation of the Lithuania Writers. Only there new ideas and inspiration can visit You.


Taikos st 32, 93121 Neringa – Nida
Phone (+370 469) 52428
Fax (+370 469) 52953
E-mail info@urbokalnas.lt
Website http://www.urbokalnas.lt/


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