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The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania
The Ministry of Culture
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UNESCO Cultural Management and Cultural Policy Chair at Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts

tekstai kuriami. jie niekada nebus sukurti




“This is me"



This is the first international festival of song poetry. “This is me” developed in 2003 from the authorial evenings of bards organized in the Vilnius Teachers House. It is the first festival in Lithuania which produces an opportunity for bard music lovers to meet foreign artists. The festival also allows the lovers of this genre to share their experience with the collegues from various European countries.

Organizing the salons of song poetry in the Teachers House an idea about the first international song poetry festival in Lithuania emerged. The need of such an event was obvious – the artists of this genre gather full halls everywhere in Lithuania. Therefore it can be reasonably talked about the Renaissance of song poetry.

Untill the festival was established mostly just Lithuanian artist participated in concerts and song poetry festivals. The organizers of this festival took a risk because they were uncertain about the reaction of Lithuanians to foreign bards. We are waiting for success and secretly hope that this event will become a prestigious festival not only in Lithuania but in the united Europe as well (as it is known that the genre has its old traditions in Europe no matter how it is called there).

I do hope that our common work with Gediminas Storpirštis will further find a response in the hearts of song poetry artists as well as in the hearts of listeners. We wish that song poetry could find its place not only between listeners, but in the varicoloured cultural life as well.

Juozas Žitkauskas, the head of the festival

 “This festival is a regular and inevitable appearance of the united Lithuanian bards. It is a gift for the fans and lovers of this musical genre, the number of whom is rapidly increasing these days. It is a possibility for the compositors and artists from different nations to meet each other and to share their experience, to spend some time together and to rejoice. I believe that the impression of the festival will develop into new songs in various languages. I believe that Lithuanian bards will be able to famous the country on international level”. 

Gediminas Storpirštis, art head of the festival


Organizers: The Teachers House

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