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Marcelijus Martinaitis


Marcelijus Martinaitis
Photo by Džoja Barysaitė

Martinaitis Marcelijus, poet, essayist, translator.
Was born in Paserbentis, Raseiniai district, on April 1, 1936.
As a boy, he was educated at regional schools of Raseiniai town. Showing aptitude towards technical sciences the young man studied in Kaunas and received the education of a communication technician in 1956, having worked in this field for some time. In 1965, he received a philologist diploma of Vilnius University and worked subsecuently in various newspapers and magazines, as well as Lithuanian Writers Union as a literature consultant. As a lecturer, Martinaitis gave lectures on folklore, literature analysis and organized seminars on the subjects at Vilnius University since 1980.
M. Martinaitis is well known in Lithuania as a public figure, publicist, the participant of various events and member of many organizations. He was in the leadership of the “Sąjūdis” movement fighting for the restoration of the independent state of Lithuania since 1988, attending, as a member of this movement, numerous political events in Moscow.
The literary works of M. Martinaitis were appraised with various awards, including the highest one – the National Literary and Art Award. The poet enjoys pretty much success in Lithuania, and to some extent abroad, where he used to attend various events, festivals, book fairs, conferences, and especially in those countries where his poetry is translated. Apart from the list of works submitted hereby, some larger literary pieces were published in Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy and elsewhere, as well as in some former USSR countries. The most often translated literary works list “Kukučio Baladės” (The Ballads of Kukutis) dealing with the subjects on his native Žemaitija, a region specific for its cultural and linguistic peculiarities. Martinaitis also translated some works of other foreign poets. He was the "Poetry Spring" festival laureate (1975) and was awarded with P. Širvys literary award (1995); National Culture and Art Prize Prize (1998); Jotvingiai Award (1998). In 2006 M. Martinaitys was nominated for the Prize of the Baltic Assembly.
Since 1966 - the member of LWU.

Balandžio sniegas: poems. - Vilnius: Valstybinė grožinės literatūros leidykla, 1962.
Debesų laiptais: poems. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1966.
Saulės grąža: poems. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1969.
Akių tamsoj, širdies šviesoj: poems. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1974.
Kukučio baladės: poems. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1977.
Poezija ir žodis. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1977.
Tie patys žodžiai: poems. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1980.
Vainikas: selection. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1981.
Toli nuo rugių: poems. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1982.
Kukučio baladės: poems. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1985.
Kukučio baladės: poems. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1986.
Atmintys: lyrics. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1986.
Amžinas tiltas: poems. - Vilnius: Vyturys, 1987.
Gailile raso: poems. Vilnius: Vaga, 1990.
Papirusai iš mirusiųjų lapų: publicistic. - Vilnius: Lithuanian Writers Union Publishers, 1992.
Atmintys: lyrics. 2-asis leidimas. - Vilnius: Lithuanian Writers Union Publishers, 1995.
Atrakinta: poems. - Vilnius: Lithuanian Writers Union Publishers, 1996.
Prilenktas prie savo gyvenimo: essay. - Vilnius: Vyturys, 1998.
Sugrįžimas: poems. - Vilnius: Tyto alba, 1998.
Laiškai Sabos karalienei: essay. - Vilnius: Tyto alba, 2002. 
Pareisiu su paukščiais: poems. - Vilnius: Tyto alba, 2002.
Tolstantis: poems. - Vilnius: Lithuanian Writers Union Publishers, 2002.
Lietuviškos utopijos: texts. - Vilnius: Tyto alba, 2003.
K. B. įtariamas: poems. - Vilnius: Lithuanian Writers Union Publishers, 2004.
Tylintys tekstai: užrašai iš raudonojo sąsiuvinio, 1971-2001 (Silent Texts: Notes from the Red Notebook 1971-2001). - Vilnius: Lietuvos rašytojų sąjungos leidykla, 2006.

Čaklajis Maris. Spūsties valanda: poems.  - Vilnius: Vaga, 1987.
Tomas Tranströmer. Prisiminimai regi mane: poems. - Vilnius: Lietuvos rašytojų sąjungos l-kla, 1997.

Selected by:
Paulius Širvys. Ir nusinešė saulę miškai: selected poetry and prose. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1984.
Ipolitas Užkurnys: album / together with Zita Žemaitytė. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1987.

Books in French language:
Marcelijus Martinaitis. Passerelle de nuages / traduit du lithuanien par Ugné Karvelis. - Vénissieux: Collection Noces, 1997.

Books in Polish language:
Marcelijus Martinaitis. Eilėraščiai, panašūs į Lietuvą = Wiersze podobne do Litwy / wybór i przekład Alicja Rybałko. - Sejny: Pogranicze, 1995.

Books in English language:
The ballads of Kukutis: poems / tr. by Laima Sruoginis. - Portland: 1993.
Lithuanian Post-samizdat – Set of Poetry Chapbooks. - Frankfurt Chapbooks. poems / tr. by Laima Sruoginis. -  Klaipėda: Klaipėda House of Artists; Vario burnos, 2002.

Books in Russian language:
Порог: стихи. - Вильнюс: Vaga, 1981.
Баллады Кукутиса: стихи. - Москва: Советский писатель, 1983.
Баллады Кукутиса: избранное. / tr. by Георгий Ефремов. - Москва: Baltrus, 2003.

Books in Estonian language:
Kadunud käed. / tr. By Rein Raud. - Tallinn: Eesti Raamat, 1990.

Books in German language:
Kokotis ballader. / I tolkning av J. Kronbergs, H.D. Rinholm. - Halmstad: Fripress Bokförl, 1985.
Die Erdentochter: Zweiteiliges Schauspiel für Erwachsene in. - Vilnius: [s.n.], 1986.

Books in Latvian language:
Acu tumsā, sirds gaismā: dzejas izlase. / Sastādījis un no lietuviešu valodas atdzejojis Māris Čaklais. -  Rīga: Liesma, 1978. 

Books in Norwegian language:
Kokotis ballader og andre dikt. / Odd. Abrahamsen Alma Ločerytė Dale. - Oslo: Dreyer, 1987.

Books in Swedish language:
Kokotis ballader. – Stokholm: Fripkpress, 1985.

Publications in periodics, almanacs in foreign languages:
Vierzehn litauische Poeten = Keturiolika lietuvių poetų: eine Anthologie / zusammengestellt, mit einem Vorwort und bio-bibliografischen Anmerkungen versehen von Valentinas Sventickas; aus dem Litauischen von Klaus Berthel. - Vilnius: Vaga = Oberhausen: Athena, 2002.
Self portraits by Lithuanian poets / photography project by Artūras Valiauga, Tomas Kapočius, Paulius Mazūras and the subjects. - Vilnius: Books from Lithuania, 2004.

The "Poetry Spring" festival laureate of the 1975.
P. Širvys literary award of the 1995.
National Culture and Art Prize Prize Laureate of the 1998.
Jotvingiai Award of the 1998.
Vilnius club and Vilnius TV literary award of the 2005.



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