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Augustas Tamaliūnas


Tamaliūnas Augustas, poet, prose writer.
Was born in Kaunas, on May 28, 1943.
Since 1991 - the member of LWU.

Fragments of life:
When forty-seven lived out years are behind your shoulders, it is always to the purpose to turn back and slap life on the back. Come on, brother, there is a long way for us to go!
But it is, of course, among other things. Actually, I do not like to write autobiographies, however I understand well, one cannot go without that genre. There are no words: I was born, grew, studied, mi...hm, migrated from one flat to another, shifted from one thought to another and exercised a pen.
No, have not done a lot of things yet. However, I did not spill out persistence in roadsides, what was a characteristic feature of a warrior, though I never was in army and always talked back to peepers: "A duty of every resident of Kaunas is to evade the service in the Soviet army!" Nevertheless, I assume I am in a march. And that is why... Prof Pranas Mažylis, who harboured me during the very incursion of Russians and bombing of Kaunas on May 28, 1943, according to my mother, slapped my buns with his palm and said: "Well, another one Lithuanian warrior!.."
The professors words were fateful. I am constantly fighting from that time. Mostly, of course, in pages of press, but not always...
I fought that teachers at school thrusted the USSR history year in, year out, but designated only a few lessons for the past of Lithuania, told to learn by rote poems about the party of the new classics, but completely elided Bernardas Brazdžionis, whose book A Man Traveling Around the World (Per pasaulį keliauja žmogus) I had and hid in a loft.
By the way, I could not fight at the University, as being an extramural student; I simply had no opportunity for it. Besides, the ambience of journalists encouraged a more free thought. But, I fought everywhere, where I worked, and maybe that was the reason, why my work register became thick, but I benefited from it. I do not imagine a satirist, who mosses in one place. After all, a travel is a normal state of a human being, and only traveling you can meet many people and then to fuse together their stories in one artistical whole.
Of course, travels are different. I am not similar to those, who sing: "Moj adres - Sovetskij Sojuz!" Till now I spend all my life in one town, as I was naturally a home-keeping and rather morose. By the way, this is a characteristic feature of many satirists. I know a lot of them and almost everyone is rather gloomy persons. At least, until they sit down at table of blow-out.
The similar destiny has been foretold also for me. As sure as eggs is eggs, I like a funny party sometimes, the table tricks and a ring of beer glasses. However, I prefer and appreciate solitude. Then, I read or write and use the only one way of fight available for me – creation that contains all my salt. Literature for me is a ring, where my partner is a Tedium. And I am trying to knock-out it, or to win the fight having the definite advantage. If no – a manuscript goes to a waste-paper basket and everything starts from the very beginning. Rather, the present gives a lot of new possibilities. Simply, do have time to write to press of all parties, unions and association!
By the way, I am never concerned by that, once the only one or other parties that sprouted up like militiamen after a scuffle. I am not in the mood to penetrate into authority, so as a satirist, I can watch the ructions of parties externally.
Overall, I appreciate only one party – a good wife. And I found one three years ago. Her name is Birutė. For me, this party is the best one, similar to a gamble, when everyday and every time we play va banque. In this game, it is impossible to lose. I, for example, won a daughter Austėja almost one year ago. But my wife does not lose either. I like such party!
As concerns other, more perceptible facts, so they are reflected both in my questionnaire and creation that contains more than one fragment of my life. It is more comfortable for me and for my reader.

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