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Arvydas Genys


Arvydas Genys

Genys Arvydas, poet, prose writer, translator.
Was born in Panemunis, Rokiškis district, on September 20, 1954.
Since 2002 - the member of LWU.

In 1973 I finished Pandėlys Secondary School. In 1972 and 1973 I became a laureate of the republic competition of pupils creation (for poems); I also won the 1st place at Rokiškis district competition of the fine reading.
In 1973-1975 I served in the soviet army. After demobilization, I worked as an operator at Panemunė postal delivery (1975-1976). In 1976-1979 I studied the Lithuanian language and literature at Vilnius University Department of Philology. Later, after marriage, I continued my studies at the Department of Extramural Studies. My education is uncompleted university studies.
In 1978-1988 I worked at Vilnius University Economy department, as the department provided us with an official flat, needful for our family of 5 persons.
In 1989 I worked as a manager of culture department at an editorial-office of newspaper ‘Atgimimas’, later – as a freelance reporter.
In 1990-1992 I taught ethics at Užupis Secondary School in Vilnius. I worked out a programme of ethics and comparative religion science. At the same time I have also been working as a reporter at weekly newspaper ‘Dialogas’. I worked out a cycle of lectures ‘The Energy’s Sources and Obstructions, the Spiritual Basics of Health (Energijos versmės ir kliūtys, dvasiniai sveikatos pagrindai), what had been read at Palanga Health School and other.
In 1992-1994 in association with diplomaeds of theology and philosophy of Vytautas the Great University of Kaunas I wrote and prepared for publication non-periodic 16 pages publication for youth on culture, religion science and philosophy ’Eisra’ (Eisra), I was an editor of the publication. In 1994 – 1996 I worked as a reporter of Joint Venture Company ‘Vilniaus laikraštis’. Since 1988 I have been translating cultural literature for various publishing-houses and editorial offices, I prepared articles of science popularization for magazine ‘Mokslas ir gyvenimas’ for almost 10 years, I have collaborated with other publications. I always wrote poems, but in recent two years I have been writting a novel ‘A Revolt against Family’ (Maištas prieš giminę), that was published by a publishing-house ‘Mažasis vyturys’ in 2001. In 1989-1995 I also participated in an activity of Lithuania Rerikh and Vydūnas associations, Vilnius Juvenologists club and agency ‘SOS vaikai’; I prepared evenings of my creation.
In 1995-2001 I participated actively at an activity of my fellow-countrymen association ‘Panemunio krivūlė’ – it was my and other citizens cultural programme for our native village. I helped to prepare and publish books ‘Panemunis’ (the cultural history of the 400 years town) and ‘The Years of Loss’ (Prarasties metai) (about the Panemunis region deportees and resistants). In 1999 I was honoured with a testimonial writing for nurturance of our ethnic culture, historical past and returning to life the spiritual values.
In 1998-2001 I was a permanent weekly events analyst of a weekly publication ‘Šeimininkė’, during the three last years I prepare reviews of the most outstanding cultural events, review books that are important for culture and science for a newspaper of the Lithuanian Scientists Union ‘Mokslo Lietuva’.

October 20, 2001


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