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Alvydas Šlepikas


Alvydas Šlepikas
Photo by Ričardas Šileika, 2006

Šlepikas Alvydas, poet, prose writer. 
Was born in Videniškiai, Molėtai district, on January, 27, 1966.
He graduated from Vilnius Conservatoire (in 1990 he acquired a speciality of actor, in 1992 - director). In 1995–1999 he edited ‘Literatūra ir menas’. At the present time he is a worker of the weekly’s editorial office and actor of National Drama Theatre.
Since 1998 - the member of LWU.

I was born on January 27, 1966, at Molėtai district, Videniškės village. In 1984 I finished Secondary School and did not enroll into Vilnius State University due to my stupidity. Sometimes I regretted, sometimes – rejoiced at it.
However, I was enough clever to enroll into the 21st Technical School of Vilnius and graduated it successfully. Shortly after the graduation, I was called in the Soviet army and for two years I breathed the beautiful air of Semipalatinsk, Saryozek, Saryshag and other places of Kazakhstan. I ate crows, lizards and dogs and it inured much not only my stomach, but also other organs and senses needful for an aesthete.
Having returned home, winded down a little and taken rest of the experienced joy, I threw myself into creative work: I turned various metal details in factories and all these details were very good – they were neat, accurate, not only operating but also providing a real pleasure for my soul, thirsting for good and beauty.
No matter how successful were my works and days, somebody whispered me, that there perhaps was not that last green station. So, I decided to strive for studies of the stage. Since I was quick and nimble early in life, I became an unrivalled master of a smallsword in Lithuanian Music Academy (despite the fact that running was not my most favourite sport branch). I successfully jumped from a springboard, made flips forward and backward and never confused "plie" with "jete" in classes of the classical ballet, so, in 1992 I held in my hands a red and exciting witness of the stage science mastering - diploma.
I liked the studies at the Academy, so I decided not to abandon it so fast. I staged a play Treachery and Love (Klasta ir meilė) and was accepted into the 3rd course of drama direction. I got a diploma of a director in 1994.
I worked at a Small Theatre of Vilnius, other theatres, but finally I was employed at Literatūra ir menas.
I hope, this is not the end.
P. S. I started writing in my childhood. I think, it is the most important thing in my life.

Taika tavo kraujui: poems. - Vilnius: Scena, 1997.
Tylos artėjantis: poems. - Vilnius: Lithuanian Writers Union Publishers, 2003.
Lietaus dievas: short stories. - Vilnius: Lithuanian Writers Union Publishers, 2005.

Publications in almanacs:
Svetimi: poems. - Vilnius: Vakarinės naujienos, 1994.

Selected by:
Aleksandras Puškinas. Lyrika: poems. - Vilnius: Lithuanian Writers Union Publishers, 1999.

J. Lindė-Dobilas award of the 2004.
Salon "Balta varna" prize of the 2006 ("Ginger Evenings", Alytus).



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