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Ivan Gažimon


Gažimon Ivan, poet, prose writer.
Was born in Šiškinas, Dniepropetrovskas, Ukraina, on February 14, 1931.
Since 2002 - the member of LWU.

I had to leave my parents house early in life as I had to earn my living by myself in the severe post-war years. In Dnipropetrovsk I had tried many difficult manual works: from a heaver to an assistant of engine-driver. Living there, I finished the evening courses of the Labour Youth Secondary School.
In 1946 I wrote my first poem that was published in the district newspaper Urozhay. In spite of difficult life conditions, I never stopped to write poems. I wrote them for myself, neither evaluating, nor appreciating. The writing was just a pleasure and it was interesting to compare my poems with ones published in newspapers and magazines. I started to treat my creation very self-critically, I read much, studied basics of versification and the actual questions of the literature theory on my own account.
In 1952 – 1955 I did my military service in Odessa. Being in the army I actively attended sessions of the literature association, organized by editorial-office of newspaper Zashchitnik Rodiny. I strengthened my spirit, more trusted in my creative potency.
After demobilisation I came to Lithuania. In Lithuania I continued my creative activity, gave my attention and time for self-education. By good fortune I met an enlightened man, a member of the USSR Writers Union, Anatoly Ivanovich Rybochkin, who, having reviewed my creation, started to publish poems in the Vilnius district newspaper Draugystė in 1969.
In 1978 – 1991 I myself worked as an editors assistant in the Vilnius district newspaper Draugystė. I was a member of the Literature Association leaded by G. Kanovičius, in which I had been entered by poet Jury Kobrin and writer Vladimir Konovalov. The members of the association helped me a lot with friendly and useful suggestions. Since 1981 I was a member of the USSR Journalists Union.
I cooperated in all periodical publications published in Russian that published a lot of my articles, reportages, poems and short stories. My works were published by the Union periodic press as well.

June 18, 2001

Tichoe cvetenije: poems. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1982.
Bielyje koni v sadu: long short stories. - Vilnius: Vyturys, 1987.
Nadiežda umiraet paslednej: long short stories. - Vilnius: Rimeda, 1991.
Starik i Lada: long short story. - Vilnius: Burdenkovo komercinė firma, 1999.
Dela žiteiskije: short, poems.  - Vilnius: Burdenkovo komercinė firma, 2000.
Katavasia: poems for children. - Vilnius, Rotas, 2003.
Plennik retro: poems. - Vilnius, I. Gažimonč 2006


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