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Aleksas Dabulskis


Dabulskis Aleksas, poet, satirist, translator.
Was born in Pilsūdai, Tauragė district, on April 10, 1934.
In the last form of gymnasium he was arrested and was in prison for anti-Soviet poems. In 1954-1956 he lived in deportation at camps in Mordovia and Omsk region. After returning to Lithuania from the deportation, he studied at Kaunas Polytechnical Institute that left in 1964 and acquired a speciality of construction engineer. After the studies, he worked at various construction organizations. In 1972-1975 and 1977-1982 he worked as a department head, stylist and editor of a magazine Nemunas. In 1982-1986 he was a consultant of the LWU Kaunas Department. From 1989 he was an editor of a magazine Santara and library of books published by this magazine. In 1989-1993 he was an editor and publisher of a satirical newspaper Ūpas. Since 1994 he has been working as a proofreader at Kauno diena.
He started publishing his poems in 1958.
Since 1972 - the member of LWU.

 A. Dabulskis poesy distinguishes itself for its paradoxical and skittish stylistics, attention to precise usage of words or unexpected (among them also figurative) meanings of words and snide intonation. He wrote felicitous parodies and many auto ironical satirical texts. In translations of poesy and prose, he keeps a principle of maximal truth with an original.
He compiled a collection of aphorisms Thoughts Feed on Thoughts (Mintys minta mintimis) (1983), compiled and prepared for publication collections of A. Cibulskis and J. Gražulas creations. He translated poems of V. Mayakovski, M. Tsvetayeva, I. Franck. M. Eminescu, ancient Chinese poems, a novel by K. Hamsun Rose (Roza), librettos.

Vytautas Martinkus

Lašas medaus: poems. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1965.
Kregždžių šokis: poems. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1971.
Nuliada: poems. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1972.
Basas Pegasas: poems. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1977.
Porimtės poringės: poems. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1979.
Dienovidžio žemė: poems. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1980.
Ei, vyručiai: poems. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1983.
Minus plius: poems. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1985.
Ironmedis: lyrics and satire. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1987.
Trišakis: thoughts. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1992.
Laisvės apynys: poems. - Kaunas: Santara, 2002.
Išvirkščias žmogus: satires. - Kaunas: Ryto varpas, 2004.
Trys po šimtą, arba Trejos devyniasdešimt devynerios: epigrams. - Kaunas: Santara, 2006.

Selected by:
Mintys minta mintimis: sententious. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1983.
A. Stasiukonytė. Vasaros šalnos: poems, rememberances. - Kaunas: Nemunas, 1992.

Augustinas Gricius award.
2001 m. LATGAA prize for the Translator of the Year 2001.
Gediminas Ordinal Knightly Cross of the 2004.


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