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Jonas Zdanys


Zdanys Jonas, poet, translator.
Was born in Connecticut, USA, on July 30, 1950.
He acquired a bachelor degree of the English literature at Yale University, a master and doctor degrees at New York University. He is a vice minister of the Department of Education of Connecticut State and manages the affairs of the university education of the state.
Since 1992 - the member of LWU.

Books in Lithuanian language:
Aušros Daina.  Kaunas: Spindulys/Santara, 1993. 
Dotnuvos stoty.  Vilnius: Vaga, 1999.
Dūmų stulpai.  Vilnius: Lietuvos Rašytojų Sajungos Leidykla, 2002.

Books in English language:
Voice on an Anthill.  New York: Manyland Books, 1982.
Maine Aubade.  Newington: Appletree Chapbooks, 1990. 
The White Bend of the River. New Haven: The Carl Purington Rollins Press, Yale School of Art 1994.
The Metaphysics  of Wolves. New Haven: The White Birch Press, 1994.
Priams Daughter. Oxford, Mississippi: The Blue Newt Press, 1997.
Water Light.  Vilnius: Vaga, 1997.
Lithuanian Crossing.  New Haven: The White Birch Press and The Carl Purington Rollins Press, Yale School of Art, 1999.
White.  New Haven: The White Birch Press and The Carl Purington Rollins Press, Yale School of Art, 2004.
The White City.  New Haven: Branford College Press and Jonathan Edwards College Press of Yale University, 2004.
The Woman on the Bridge. Chicago: Virtual Artists Collective, 2005.
Salt. Chicago: Virtual Artists Collective, 2007.

Translations into English language: 
Jurgis Gliauda. Agony. - New York: Manyland, 1977.
Sigitas Geda. Songs of Autumn. - Pittsburgh: The Slow Loris Press, 1979.
Selected Post-war Lithuanian Poetry, (ir sudarymas). - New York: Manyland Books, 1979.
Bronė Martin. Reality and Dream & The Wandering Seagull, (Savarankiškai išleista), 1979.
Leonardas Andriekus. Eternal Dream, (ir sudarymas). - New York: Franciscan Fathers Press and Manyland Books, 1980.
Icchokas Meras. Stalemate. - New York: Lyle Stuart; Toronto: General Publishing Co.; Tel Aviv: Michaelmark Books, 1980.
Chimeras in the Tower: Selected Poems of Henrikas Radauskas, (ir sudarymas). - Middletown: Wesleyan University Press, 1986.
Four Poets of Lithuania: Vytautas P. Bložė, Sigitas Geda, Nijolė Miliauskaitė, Kornelijus Platelis, (ir sudarymas). - Vilnius: Vaga, 1995.
Smoke From Nothing: Poems by Vytautas P. Bložė, (ir sudarymas). - Philadelphia: The Pine Press, 1998.
Snare for the Wind: Selected Poems of Kornelijus Platelis, (ir sudarymas). - Vilnius: Vaga, 1999.         
The Theology of Rain: Selected Poems of Alfonsas Nyka-Niliūnas, (ir sudarymas). - Vilnius: Vaga ir PEN, 1999.
Five Lithuanian Women Poets, (ir sudarymas). - Vilnius: Vaga, 2002.
Inclusions in Time: Selected Poems by Antanas A. Jonynas, (ir redagavimas). - Vilnius: Lithuanian Writers Union Publishers, 2002.
Silk: Poems by Nijole Miliauskaite, (ir sudarymas). - Vilnius: Vario burnos, 2002.
@ and Other Poems by Kornelijus Platelis, (kartu su Kerry Shawn Keys.) - Vilnius: Vario burnos, 2002.
Zones, Poems by Kornelijus Platelis, (kartu su Kerry Shawn Keys).  - Chicago: Virtual Artists Collective, 2004.
Vytautas P. Bložė. Emptiness: poems. - Klaipėda: Vario burnos, 2005.
Icchokas Meras. Stalemate.  - New York: Other Press, 2005.

Lithuanian Writers union and the Culture Ministry of Lithuania award of the 1995 for the best literary translation "Four Poets of Lithuania".
Jotvingiai award of the 2002 for the selected poetry "Dūmų stulpai" and Lithaunian literature translations into English.


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