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Juozapas Girdzijauskas


Girdzijauskas Juozapas, literary scholar, critic.
Was born in Kalupiai, Jurbarkas district, on July 10, 1935.
He graduated from Vilnius University in 1958. From 1962 he gives lectures on literature history, literature theory, poetics and aesthetics in the University. In 1992-1998 he was a head of Literature Theory Department. In 1969-1975 – an editor of a publication of studies of high schools Literatūra, from 1989 – an executive editor of a chronicle of S. Stanevičius Association Aitvarai. In 1992-2000 he worked at Institute of the Lithuanian Literature and Folklore. He is the most eminent specialist of versification science in Lithuania. He also prepared and edited a part of scientific articles, wrote for a publication of a new profile History of the Lithuanian Literature. The 19th century (Lietuvių literatūros istorija. XIX amžius) (2001), in which mostly of the Lithuanian literature classical works are reinterpreted as well as provided detailed and renewed characteristics of that period. He prepared for a publication The Lithuanian Writings (Raštai lietuviški) by V. Ažukalnis (1968). He also is one of the most eminent disciples of a specialist of the ancient literature Jurgis Lebedys and an editor of his heritage for a publication. He compiled a collection of J. Lebedys works and published it in Lituanistikos barai (1-2, 1972), published his lectures The Ancient Lithuanian Literature (Senoji lietuvių literatūra) (1977), articles about him in a collection Professor Jurgis Lebedys (Profesorius Jurgis Lebedys) (1983). Having explored sources of the Lithuanian aesthetics, he compiled an anthology Sources of the Lithuanian Poetics (Lietuvių poetikos pradmenys) (1985).
He wrote and published in the scientific press a lot of articles on history of the Lithuanian literature (mostly of the 19th c.), versification, literature theory and aesthetics. He reviews books of literature science, rarely – imaginative literature.
Since 1988 - the member of LWU.

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Lietuvių eilėdara: XX a. - Vilnius: Mokslas, 1979. 
Eilėdara: metod. rekomendacijos filologijos spec. studentams literatams. - Vilnius: LTSR aukšt. ir spec. vid. mokslo m-ja, 1980. 

Drew up: 
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Lietuvių literatūros vagoje: selected articles. - Vilnius: Lietuvių literatūros ir tautosakos institutas, 2006.

"Pergalė" magazine prize of the 1985 for the article about  A. Strazdas.
"Literatūra ir menas" weekly prize of the 1989 for the article about B. Brazdžionis.


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