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Viktoras Alekna


Viktoras Alekna

Alekna Viktoras, poet, prose writer, literary critic, translator.
Was born in Paslynys, Raseiniai discrict, on March 19, 1915. Died on January 30, 2008.
He attended Raseiniai gymnasium, in 1933-1937 – studied the Latin language, the Lithuanian literature and pedagogic at Vytautas the Great University of Kaunas.
After that, he worked at an editorial-office of a publication Naujoji Romuva, taught at the Jewish gymnasium in Raseiniai, gymnasiums in Alytus, Kaunas and Laukuva. In 1945 he was arrested and was in prison in Vorkuta. In 1957 he came back to Lithuania. After the returning he worked at melioration in Švenčionėliai, boarding-school. In 1960-1975 he taught at Jonava and Širvintos regional schools. In 1967 he graduated from the Department of Extramural studies at Vilnius University, where he studied the Lithuanian language and literature. Since 1976 he has lived in Kantrimiškis (Širvintos district), since 1998 – he has been living in Vilnius.
He is an active public figure. In 1993-1998 he was the Širvintos section chairman of the Lithuanian Christian Democrats Party, in 1998-2000 – a chairman of the mandate and ethics board of the Lithuanian Christian Democrats Party, in 1995-1998 – the Širvintos section chairman of the Ancestors Union (Bočių sąjunga), in 1991-1998 – a member of the Širvintos Deportees Choir. Since 1926 he has been a member of the Old-friends Union of the Ateitininkai federation, since 1991 – a member of the Lithuanian Journalist Association, since 1998 – a member of the Lithuanian Retired Officers Union.
Since 1999 – a member of the Lithuanian Writers Union.

As far back as January, 1930 my family name was mentioned for the first time in a periodical publication. Later, it was mentioned more and more frequently, but until 2000 my family name was changed by various pseudonyms, of what I had invented almost sixty. Until 1988, I published about four hundred various writings, and since 1989 till now – almost more nine hundred. Lately, I underwrite also with my own family name. My writings had been published in more than fifty periodical publications not only in Lithuania, but also in Australia, United States of America and Canada. One of my writing has been translated into the Polish language, another one – into the English. A correspondent of the Berlin cultural weekly has talked with me for several hours and after that the conversation was published in a newspaper of Berlin. After that, one German almanac published a detailed my autobiography. As far back as 1995 one Norwegian journalist took a picture of me by a monument dedicated for deportees in Širvintos and the photograph was published in one Norwegian weekly newspaper. In 1995 my writing published in Lithuanian, was translated into Polish by one Vilnius weekly newspaper and published it without my permission, by the way, my family name was left.

Nepriklausomybės akto signataras kun. Alfonsas Petrulis. - Vilnius: Voruta, 1996.
Salomėja: biography – Vilnius: Dienovidis, 1996.
Pilkų dienų žingsneliai: poems, 1935-1995. – Vilnius: V. Užtupas, 1997.
Salomėjos Nėries gyvenimo ir kūrybos metraštis. 2 books. – Vilnius: Vaga, 1995-1997.
Ūžė žalia giria: sovietų prievarta ir laisvės kovos Širvintų rajone 1940-1953 m. – Vilnius: LGGRTC, 1999.
Ąžuolas: one family story, 1854-2000. – Vilnius: V. Alekna, 2000.
Saulėlydis: poems. – Vilnius: V. Alekna, 2002.
Oi, ta Vorkuta: memoires. – Vilnius: V. Alekna, 2002.
Vytauto klubas: history. – Vilnius: P. Kalibato indiv. įm. „Petro ofsetas“, 2002.
Kiuzauskas, Anna Marija. Vienintelis išsigelbėjimas buvo Lietuva...: memoires. – Vilnius: Vilniaus 1-oji politechnikos mokykla, 2003.

Drew up:
Nėris, Salomėja. Raštai. 3 tomai. – Vilnius: Vaga, 1984.
Salomėjos Nėries poezijos dažnumų žodynas / Kn. Literatūra ir kalba. – Vilnius: Vaga, 1980.
Mičiulis, Juozas. Lietuvos istorija. – Vilnius, 2002.

In 1997 he was awarded with a citation for the pedagogical and methodical work of many years standing on the occasion of the 600th anniversary of the Lithuanian school.
In 1999 he was awarded a distinction ‘For the merits to Lithuania’ (Už nuopelnus Lietuvai) by the Lithuanian Union of Political Prisoners and Deportees.
In 2000 he became an honorary citizen of the Širvintos district.
In 2003 he was awarded by a prize of Stasys Lozoraitis.


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