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Aistė Ptakauskaitė


Aistė Ptakauskaitė
© Giedrė Kavaliūnaitė, 2005

Ptakauskaitė Aistė, prose writer, playwright, translator.
Was born in Kaunas, on May 20, 1979.
She received her BA in English Philology and MA in Literary Theory at Vilnius University. During her university studies she attended professional development and academic exchange programs at universities of Oxford, Dublin and Constance.
Her first short story appeared at a magazine of the Lithuanian Writers’ Union, “Nemunas”, in 2001. Since then her stories have been published in a number of established Lithuanian literary magazines and almanacs. In 2003 the Publishing House of the Lithuanian Writers’ Union published her first collection of short stories, “Looking for a Job!”.
In 2001 at the Vilnius University Courtyard Theatre Ptakauskaitė directed her first play “Mind the Elevator!” Since then her plays have been presented in a number of national forums of contemporary Lithuanian drama at the State Youth Theatre of Lithuania and the Kaunas National Drama Theatre. One of Ptakauskaitė’s plays won Pranas Lembertas prize at the national competition of students’ literary work. Another one was translated into Russian and presented in the Moscow theatre “School of Contemporary Drama” at the international festival “Young Drama 2004”.
Since 2005 Ptakauskaitė has also been working as a literary translator. Her translations of a number of British and American plays have been included into the repertoire of the State Youth Theatre of Lithuania. Additionally, after Ptakauskaitė’s residency at the Banff International Literary Translation Centre in Canada her Lithuanian translation of Leonard Cohen’s “Beautiful Losers” was published. For this translation in 2005 Ptakauskaitė was nominated for the “Throne of the Translator of the Year”.

“Paskutinis pasispardymas” / Nemunas, 2001, 3.
“Monstras” / Lux, 2001, 4.
“Šventųjų stovykla” / Nemunas, 2001, 5.
“Kleptomanas” / Ligoninės priimamasis: Lithuanian higher education institutions students almanac / compiled by: Inga Migūnaitė, Audinga Peluritytė-Tikuišienė, Rasa Strolytė. - Vilnius: Vilnius University Publishers, 2002.
“Ieškau darbo!” / Nemunas, 2003, 7.
“Manasis tu – tavasis aš” / Nemunas, 2002, 9-10.
Ieškau darbo!: short stories, FB. - Vilnius: Lithuanian Writers Union Publishers, 2003.

“Mind the Elevator!”, 2001 (Vilnius University Courtyard Theatre. Dir. Aistė Ptakauskaitė; International Student Theatres Festival “Looking for Author and Hero”).
“On Both Sides of the Door”, 2002 (Raseiniai County Community Theatre. Dir.  Jolanta Šimaitienė. 01.07.2006).
“Persona F.”, 2004 (State Youth Theatre of Lithuanian, Forum of Contemporary Lithuanian Drama for Young Audiences; Moscow Theatre “School of Contemporary Drama”, International Festival “Young Drama 2004”).
“Almost Not Enough”, 2005 (State Youth Theatre of Lithuania, “Generation P. or Tasteless Polish and Lithuanian Plays”).
“Into the Spotlight”, 2006 (Youth Community Theatre of Varėna; Kaunas National Drama Theatre, Panorama of Contemporary Lithuanian Drama).

Translations from the English language:
Leonard Cohen. Beautiful Losers: novel. - Vilnius: Baltos lankos, 2005.
Steven Millhauser. Kaspar Hauser Speaks (from “The Knife Thrower and Other Stories”), 2005 (State Youth Theatre of Lithuania, Forum of Contemporary American Drama).
Dough Wright. I Am My Own Wife, 2005 (State Youth Theatre of Lithuania, Forum of Contemporary American Drama).
Nilo Cruz. Anna in the Tropics, 2006 (State Youth Theatre of Lithuania).
Martin McDonagh. The Pillowman, 2006 (State Youth Theatre of Lithuania).

In 2002 Pranas Lembertas Prize for the play “On Both Sides of the Door” (Vytautas Magnus University).
In 2002 “Soscar” Award for the Best External Impact. (St. Patrick’s College (a College of Dublin City University) Drama Society).
In 2004 Augustinas Gricius Award for the best fiction debut of the year (Municipality of Šiauliai County).



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