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Aldona Elena Puišytė - Grigaliūnė


Aldona Elena Puišytė - Grigaliūnienė
© Ona Pajedaitė

Puišytė – Grigaliūnė Aldona Elena, poetess, essayist, translator.
Was born on January 04, 1930 in Jurgeliskiai, region of Jurbarkas.
She was studying at Jurbarkas Secondary School until spring 1952. Before the final exams she had to run from her home because of the impendent repressions after the land had been expropriated from her father. She passed the final equivalency exams at the 7th Secondary School in Kaunas. She received the Certificate of School-Leaving, but she did not have a right to study the Lithuanian language and literature at the University, because in these times the certificate of social origin was requested in order to enter the University. In 1955 she graduated from Republican Medical School in Kaunas and acquired the specialty of pharmacist. In 1955-1969 she was working in the pharmacies in Kaunas, later worked as a senior scientific co-worker in Maironis Museum of the Lithuanian Literature and Kaunas Artist Home.
She has published nineteen poetry books (among them six books of poems for children), essays, articles, collection of interview “Bread and wine of the word”. In 1990 the collection “Dome of Forget-me-nots” was nominated for the National prize in the first General meeting of the Lithuanian writers. She has written the plays-fairy tales for the puppet plays, libretto for the opera “Story of the brownie”. The yard theater of Vilnius University staged the mystery play “Pronomilization and assonances”. She has translated the poetry of German poets Friedrich Hölderlin and Noval, the work of Ana Gelhar “Come, dear May…”, some children books from the Russian language. Her translations of the works of various poets were published in the almanacs and journals of the “Spring of Poetry”: poem of M. Gudlet “Zodiac”, dedicated for the memory of M. K. Čiurlionis, poetry of M. Bendrupe, V. Belsevica, L. Kostenko, O. Teliha, L. Zabolockaya, S. Zolob, V. Luiyk and other poets. She has edited and corrected the poetical language, sonority and rhythm of the Psalm book (the literal translation was done by Prof. Prelate Antanas Rubšys). She compiled and edited the collection of poetry of Vine’s branch (Ona Galdikaitė) “Row to the depth”. The poetry was translated into German, Finnish, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Georgian, Estonian, Latvian, Ukrainian, Russian and other languages. The composers have composed some vocal cycles and sonatas (the record was made), as well as cantatas, ballads, suites, works for children choirs (they were published in the publications “What a beautiful homeland”, “Little oaks”, “To our little ones”, “Under the oaks in the homeland”, “The song of all the songs 1991”, etc.) using the texts of the poems. The lyrics have won the prizes: the 1st prize for the lyrics “Name of the homeland” in the competition of choral song for the 100th anniversary of Juozas Gruodis; two 2nd prizes for the lyrics “The most beautiful garden” and “The Lithuanian mother” in the competition of songs for children and schoolchildren in 1989.
She has participated in the resistance to the occupation and cooperated in the anti-Soviet publication “The crucified” using the pseudonym of Elena Aušraitė. She was conferred the legal status of the participant in the Lithuanian Freedom Fights (resistant).
Since 1975 she has been the member of the Lithuanian Parliament.

Žalvario raktas: poems. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1970.
Ledo mergelės: poems for children. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1974.
Sidabro varpelis: poems for children. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1976.
Kur meta plunksną vieversys: poems. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1978.
Saulė ledo bokšte: play. - staged in Vilnius "Lėlė" theatre, 1978.
Po ąžuolu šaltinis: poems. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1980.
Po lino žiedu: poems for children. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1981.
Įvardijimai ir sąskambiai: poems. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1985.
Juodoji karalaitė: play. - staged in Kaunas puppet-show, 1987.
Neužmirštuolių skliautas: selected poems. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1989.
Vigilijos: poems. - Kaunas, 1994.
Šviesa pro erškėtį: poems. - Vilnius: Lithuanian Writers Union Publishers, 1995.
Atminties vainikas: poems. - Kaunas: Atmintis, 1996.
Atodūsiai tyloje: selected poems for children. - Kaunas: Nemunas, 1996.
Tėvelio sodai: poems. - Vilnius: Vyturys, 1998.
Balsai ir aidai: poems. - Kaunas: Nemunas, 2001.
Psalmynas: psalms. - Vilnius: Katalikų pasaulis, 2002.
Žodžio duona ir vynas: essay, articles, interview and other. - Vilnius: Mažasis vyturys, 2003.
Po baltu angelo sparnu: poems for children. - Panevėžys: E. Vaičekausko leidykla, 2004.
Įsiklausyti: poems. – Kaunas: Nemunas, 2004.
Palaimink žodį ir aidą: selected poems. - Vilnius: Vaga, 2005.
Baltojo Raitelio baladės: poem from two manuskripts. - Kaunas: Atmintis, 2006.
Trobelė po kadagiu: poems for children. - Vilnius: Homo Liber, 2006.

Selected and edited by:
Vynmedžio Šakelė. Irkis į gilumą | Vine’s branch. Row to the depth: poems – Kaunas, Mažoji poligrafija, 2008.

Translations from German:
A. Gelhar. Ateik, geguži mielas... Tales about W. A. Mocart. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1978.
F. Hölderlin. Eilėraščiai: poems. - Vilnius: Aidai, 1995.
Novalis. Himnai Nakčiai: poems. – Metai. Nr. 3, 2008.

Translations from Russian:
S. Pogorelovskis. Matematikos šaly | In the land of Mathematics: poems for children. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1974.
S. Michalkovas. Būk pasiryžęs | Be determined: poems for children. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1976.
A. Barto. Geraširdis Vova | Kindhearted Vova: poems for children. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1978.

In 1986 she was the laureate of the “Spring of Poetry” for the book of poems “Pronomilization and assonances”.
In 1994 the 1st prize in the competition of the magazine “Letters to the Lithuanian” for the article “Love never ends” .
In 2000 the Letter of Acknowledgement of Kaunas City Municipality for the selfless creative work.
In 2001 the prize of “Farmer’s adviser” for the best book of the year “Voices and echoes”.
In 2005 she was awarded with the order of the Lithuanian Great Duke Gediminas, Cross of the Knight for the merits to the Republic of Lithuania.
In 2005 she was nominated for the National Prize and was awarded with the prize of the Lithuanian Association of Writers for the collection of poems and verses “Bless the word and the echo”.
In 2006 the prize of Jonas Aistis was awarded for the cherishing of Aistian spirit in the creative work and for the book of poems “To keep one’s ears open”.
In 2006 she was awarded with the plaque of Santaka of the 3rd degree by Kaunas City Municipality for the merits to Kaunas city.
In 2007 she was conferred the legal status of the participant in the Lithuanian Freedom Fights (resistant).
In 2008 during the “Spring of Poetry” she was awarded for the subtle spiritual poetry and long creative work by Kaunas County.


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