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Alė Rūta


Alė Rūta
Photo by Džoja Barysaitė

Alė Rūta (Elena Nakaitė-Arbienė), prose writer, poetess.
Was born in Petrograd, Russia, on November 16, 1915. Died in Santa Monica, LA, USA, on December 31, 2011.
After the World War I, having returned to Lithuania with her parents, she attended Rokiškis gymnasium, after that, she started studying at Vytautas the Great University of Kaunas. In 1937 she graduated from Klaipėda Pedagogical Institute and worked as a teacher. She also continued and finished studies of literature at Vilnius University in 1943. In 1944 she had to move from Lithuania. After that, there were short studies at Vienna University. Living in Germany she published her first books of poems and short stories. In 1948 she moved to the USA, to Santa Monica.
Since 1992 – the member of LWU.

The biggest part of works written in emigration is novels, stories, short stories, 4 poesy collections composed in various periods, works of stage and travels impressions. From more than twenty books, the writer distinguishes prize novels: A Short Day (Trumpa diena) (1955), A Road to Left (Kelias į kairę) (1964) and The First Ones in a Strange Country (Pirmieji svetur) (1984). In her prose she combines both realistic and lyric flows, an intimated depiction of family and panoramic view, psychological and exalted narration. The dominating elements of her stories are the countryside scenes of the interwar Lithuania (mostly of the Eastern Highland), images of the shining intellectuals, the nostalgic feelings of Lithuanians in exodus and reflections of their lives. Faith, love, sense of work and customs are the steady backbones of stories and depicted destinies. Idealistic and patriotic strivings are the permanent pursuit of her creation and activity. Alė Rūta was a diligent reviewer and organizator in helping for the most emigration publications and cultural movements.

Valentinas Sventickas

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Priesaika: novel. - Chicago: Lietuviškos knygos klubas, 1962.  
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Tyloj kalbėsi: elegias - Santa Monica; Vilnius: s.n., 2002.
Taip ir praeina sekmadienis: selected poems. - Kaunas: Naujasis lankas, 2005.


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