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Marija Macijauskienė


Photo by Džoja Barysaitė

Macijauskienė, Marija, poetess, prose writer.
Born on March 11, 1930 in Kaunas.

In 1938 – 1942 I attended the Primary School of Pakruojis, in 1942 – 1944 – in gymnasium of Linkuva, in 1944 – 1945 – in gymnasium of Pakruojis and in 1945 – 1949 – in the 2nd girls gymnasium in Kaunas. In 1949 – 1954 I studied the Lithuanian language and literature at Vilnius University, Faculty of History and Philology, in 1950 – 1953 – studies at Drama studio at Vilnius Academical Drama Theatre.
In 1954 – 1958 I worked as a literature worker in an editorial-office of magazine Jaunimo gretos, in 1958 – 1967 – a literature worker of the culture and schools section at an editorial-office of newspaper Kauno tiesa (I managed a section of young writers of Kaunas), in 1967 – 1968 – an editor of the information section at an editorial-office of magazine Nemunas, in 1968 – 1969 – a literature worker at an editorial-office of newspaper Gimtasis kraštas.
In 1969 – 1984 I was a fellowship at a Museum of Literature, later – a head fellowship and in 1970 – 1981 – a director. In 1981 I became disabled and retired on a pension.
In 1957 I was inducted into the Journalists Union, in 1983 – into the Writers Union. I have written and published fifteen books; 6 of them are books of lyrics. I usually write articles, essays and outlines on the various subjects of the cultural life.
The biggest works, having a great importance in preserving the cultural heritage of Lithuania and refreshing the cultural memory as well as spreading the literature light in Lithuania and abroad, had been done in a Museum of Literature and its branches (memorial museums of: Salomėja Nėris in Palemonas, V. Mykolaitis – Putinas in Pilotiškės, K. Būga in Pažiegė, P. Cvirka in Kaunas and Klangiai). Working in the Museum of Literature I advised on literature questions not only various museums of the Republic, but also museums of St Petersburg (establishment of F. Dostoyevski Memorial Museum), Moscow (establishment of V. Mayakovski Museum), cultural workers. I also participated in discussions about exposition’s creation at J. Rainys cottage in seashore. Working in the Museum many years, I headed the Faculties of Literature and Literature Links of Folk University.
When I was working in Kauno Tiesa, at that time in Kaunas there was no section of the Writers Union, therefore, as have mentioned above, I managed a section of young writers of Kaunas, whose members were the promising masters of literature: A. Mikuta, A. Verba, V. Martinkus, A. Puišytė, P. Palilionis, M. Karčiauskas, R. Klimas, Gr. Cieškaitė, R. Rakauskas and others. At that time an appendix of the newspaper Kūrybinė savaitė appeared, what concentrated both young and already experienced authors and artists.

May 11, 2006

Gyvenimo akimirkos: outline. – Vilnius: Mintis, 1968.
Žvaigždės: outline. – Vilnius: Mintis, 1973.
Nematomas tiltas: essay. – Vilnius: Mintis, 1976.
Kaip laukiantis medis: poems. – Vilnius: Vaga, 1979.
Aguonų miestai: poems. – Vilnius: Vaga, 1983.
Kaip drugys į žiburį: poems. – Vilnius: Vaga, 1987.
Žaidimas su ugnimi. – Jonava: Dobilas, 1994.
Lyg anglys pelenuos...: memoir. – Jonava: Dobilas, 1995.
Iš to paties žvaigždyno: memoir. – Jonava: Dobilas, 1996.
Į pačią širdį: poems. – Jonava: Dobilas, 1998.
Lyg visa Lietuva: memoir. – Jonava: Dobilas, 2000.
Kaip riksmas, pabėgantis medžių viršūnėm: selected poems. – Kaunas: Varpas, 2000.
Po aukštus kalnus vaikščiojau...: memoir. – Jonava: Jonava, 2002.
Mūsų skaitinėliai: prose for children. – Kaunas: Naujasis amžius, 2004.
Magnolija prie kelio: essay. – Kaunas: Naujasis amžius, 2005.
Žiogo kalendorius: poems for children. - Kaunas: Aušra, 2006.


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