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Juozas Erlickas


Juozas Erlickas
Photo by Džoja Barysaitė

Erlickas Juozas, poet, prose writer, playwright.
Was born in Svirkaičiai, Akmenė district, on March 3, 1953.
In 1971 he finished Viekšniai Secondary School. In 1971-1975 he studied journalistic at Vilnius University. After that, he worked as an instructor at conservancy, and a stagehand. After the Revival, he worked at editorial offices of Lietuvos aidas and Lietuvos rytas. In the republic press he debuted in 1975.
Since 1988 – the member of LWU.

Critics’ word:
The prevailing principle of his creations – a play with stamps of speech. The calcificated form is cleared out of usual content and filled up with a new stuffing that frustrates the old clothing and causes an effect of absurdity. Such permutation is not an end in itself. The new material becomes urgent unexpectedly and demonstrates possibilities and vitality of the stagnant perception. The author creates pseudo folk characters, whose earthbound mentality ‘slices off’ nimbuses from the newly created myths. He bravely steps forth into areas of the national sanctity (or sanctimony), disturbing the narrow-minded representatives to hail them as reservations. That thinking gymnastics helps to avoid the stiff hierarchy. In his texts there are a lot of hidden quotations of the Lithuanian classics and Bible.

Romas Daugirdas

Kodėl?: humorous sketch. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1979. 
Raštai ir kt.: humorous sketchs, humorous poems and plays. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1987. 
Bilietas iš dangaus, arba Jono Grigo kelionė greituoju traukiniu: vasara-žiema, per pavasarį, rudenį, Zarasus ir vaikystę: poems. - Vilnius: Vyturys, 1990. 
Gyvenimas po sniegu: plays. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1991. 
Bobutė iš Paryžiaus, arba Lakštingala Zarasuose: poems. - Vilnius: Alma littera, 1995. 
Viršūnės ir kelnės, arba Tūkstantis ir viena naktis su Ezopu: reviews. - Vilnius: Vaga, 1995. 
Knyga. - Vilnius: Tyto alba, 1996.
History of Lithuania: prose, poems. - Vilnius: Tyto alba, 2000.
Aš moku augti: poems. - Vilnius: Tyto alba, 2003.
Prisimynimai: prose, poems. - Vilnius: Tyto alba, 2004.
Bajorų: prose. - Vilnius: Tyto alba, 2007.

Selected by: 
Apreiškimai: 366 / Juozapas. - Vilnius: Tyto alba, 2003.

Music records:
Juodas kampas: views, signs, predictions / Juozas Erlickas reading Erlickas. - Vilnius: Tembras, 1997. - 1 tape.
Lėkit, baltieji!: album / vocal and text by Juozas Erlickas. - Vilnius: Tembras, 1998. - 1 tape.
Pauzė: album / vocal and texts by Juozas Erlickas. - Vilnius: Bomba Records, 2003. - 1 CD.
Rytoj būsiu geras: album / vocal and texts by Juozas Erlickas. - Vilnius, 2006. - 1 CD.

National Culture and Art Prize Laureate of the 1997.



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