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Kerry Shawn Keys


Kerry Shawn Keys

Keys Kerry Shawn, poet, prose writer, translator.
Was born in Pensilvanija, USA, on June 25, 1946.
In 1970 he graduated Pennsylvania University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in the English literature, in 1973 – Indiana University, where he earned a masters degree in the English literature.
The main fields of his activity and researches: poetry, the English literature, translation and translations theory. He taught the English literature and translations theory at Vilnius University and Vilnius Pedagogical University. Since 1977 he has been working as a publisher and editor of ‘Pine Press’.
Since 2002 – the member of LWU.

Loose Leaves Fall: poems. - Pine Press, 1977.
Quingumbo: poems. - San Paulas: Editora Escrita, 1980.
Seams: poems. - Vankuveris ir  San Franciskas: Formant Press, 1985.
A Gathering Of Smoke: prose. -  Kalkuta: Writers Workshop Editions, 1986; Vašingtonas: Three Continents Press, 1989.
The Hearing: poems. - Warm Spring Press, 1992.
Decoy’s Desire: poems. - Pennywhistle Press, 1993.
Fingerlings: poems. - Warm Spring Press, 1993.
Fingerlings 2: poems. - Warm Spring Press, 1994.
Warm Springs: poems. - Pine Press, 1995.
Flamenco Songs: poems and songs. - Pine Press, 1995.
Blues in Green: poems. - Pine Press, 1996.
The Nearing Notebooks: poems. (Kartu su John Burns.). - Pine Press, 1996.
Narrow Passage To The Deep Light: poems. - Pine Press, 1996.
Ratoons: poems. - Praha: Formant Press, 1996.
Frank Miller. Beastings: poems. - Pacobooks, 1997.
Krishna’s Karma: poems. - Pacobooks, 1997.
Turning The Mask: poems. - Pine Press, 1997.
Ch’antscapes: poems. - Pine Press, 1998.
Moonshining The Millennium: poems. - Pine Press, 1998.
Sorrows Of An Old Worder: poems. - Pine Press, 1998.
The Festival Of Familiar Light: poems. - Pine Press, 1998.
Pavlov’s Duck: prose. - Pacobooks, 2001.
Return Of The Bird: prose. - Pacobooks, 2002.
Gopiah’s Tamil. In The Pouring Rain: poems. - Pine Press, 2002.
Pokalbiai su Tertium Quid: poems - Vilnius: Lietuvos rašytojų sąjungos leidykla, 2004.

Translations from Lithuanian into English:
Laurynas Katkus. October Holidays and other poems: poems. - Vario Burnos, 2001.
Eugenijus Ališanka. A Selection: poems. - Lithuanian Post-Samizdat Publishing, Klaipėda House of Artists, 2002.
Six Young Lithuanian Poets: poems. - Vilnius: Vaga, 2002.
Sigitas Geda. Biopsy of Winter (Žiemos biopsija): selected poems. - Vilnius: Vaga, 2002.
Jonas Jackevicius. The Yellow Insect (Geltonas Vabzdys): a selection of poems. - Diemedžio leidykla, 2005.

Translations from English:
Jose Paulo Moreira Da Fonseca. O Pintor e o Poeta, The Painter and the Poet: poems and paintings, bilingual Portuguese-English presentation. - Rio de Janeiro: Spala Press,1976.
João Cabral de Melo Neto. A Knife All Blade: poem. - Pine Press and New Directions, 1982.
Petr Mikes. In the Tracks of the Dead: poems. - Pine Press, 1993.

Translations from Portugue:
Lêdo Ivo. Landsend: selected poems. - Pine Press, 1998.
João Cabral de Melo Neto. Death and Life of Severino the Migrant: verse-play. - Available in manuscript.


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