Baranovskis Vasilijus

Vasilijus Baranovskis – prose writer, publicist.
He was born 13 April, 1933, in Rudolfai, Daugpilis district, Latvia.
During the years 1933–1940 he lived in Ryga and Daugpilis with his family. In 1955 he started working in regional newspaper of Zarasai “Pergalė”. In 1958 he finished Zarasai Secondary School of Labour Youth and in 1963 Vilnius High Party School. Since 1963 till 1967 he worked for Zarasai regional newspaper. From 1978 till 1990 he worked at magazine “Litva literaturnaja” as a deputy of editor in chief. He started publishing his work in Latvian literary press in 1950. He writes in Russian.
A member of Lithuanian Writers’ Union since 1983.

B i b l i o g r a p h y :
Rytinės vežėčios: prose. – Vilnius: Vaga, 1978.
Karti uoga: prose. – Vilnius: Vaga, 1982.
Хранители старой веры: страницы истории Зарасайской старообрядческой общины. – Зарасай [Utena]: Utenos spaustuvė, 2000.
Вековые святыни: из истории староверческих общин, храмов, кладбищ Зарасайского края. – Зарасай [Utena]: Utenos spaustuvė, 2004.
Староверие Балтии и Польши: краткий исторический и биографический словарь (together with G. Potašenko). – Vilnius: Aidai, 2005.
Боярыня Морозова: historical novella. – Рига: Рижская Гребенщиковская старообрядческая община, 2008.
Времена и судьбы. Проза. Обозрения. Статьи. – Даугавпилс: V Prints, 2013.

A w a r d s :
1970 Journalist Union Certificate of Honor.
1971 Certificate of Honor of Nation Control Committee.
1975 Certificate of Honor of Lithuanian SSR Ministry Council of national Publishing, Poligraphy, and Book Selling Committee.

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