Kirkutis Vytautas

Vytautas Kirkutis – poet, prose writer, journalist.
He was born 4 May, 1956 in Kuršėnai, Šiauliai district.
He finished Secondary school in Kuršėnai and aftre that in 1978 he finished his studies of Lithuanian language and literature at Šiauliai Pedagogical Institute. He worked as a teacher for five years and was a liable secretary of Voluntary Association of Bibliophiles of the Šiauliai district section for one year. In 1984 he started working as journalist at a newspaper in Šiauliai. In 1990 he finished his studies of journalism at Vilnius University, Faculty of History. In 1991 he started working at daily newspaper “Šiaulių kraštas” as an editor and as a deputy of editor in chief. For several years he was editing and leading a supplement of “Šiaulių kraštas” called “Atolankos” that was dealing with culture, art and literature themes. Now he is an editor in chief of this supplement. The writer has established the Association of the Northern Lithuanian Litterateurs and has been its chairman for several years. He is a board memebr of Augustinas Gricius award for the first book of prose and Zigmas Gėlė award for the first book of poetry. His work has been published in various almanacks “Varpai”, “Jungtys”, “Poezijos pavasaris” and others.
A member of Lithuanian Writers’ Union since 1999.

B i b l i o g r a p h y :
Atotakos: poems. – Šiauliai: Delta, 1994.
Randai ant rentinio: poems. – Vilnius: Knygnešio redakcija, 1996.
Veidrodis altoriuje: prose poems. – Šiauliai: Saulės delta, 1998.
Baltosios nakties paukštis: recollections about poet Juozas Ruzgys. – Šiauliai: Saulės delta, 2000.
Tarpuamžio lopšinė: poems. – Šiauliai: Saulės delta, 2001.
Ateik bangosna užmiršties…: sketches: portrait and fate. – Šiauliai: Saulės delta, 2002.
Pasaulin žvelgęs akimis Ventos: Stasys Anglickis in Kuršėnai: fragments of life and work. – Vilnius: Žuvėdra, 2005.
ad Ventus: poems. – Vilnius: Žuvėdra, 2006.
Tekančio laiko įrašai: journalism. – Vilnius: Žuvėdra, 2008.
Vilko poteriai: prose. – Vilnius: Žuvėdra, 2009.
Kuršėnai: city on both sides of Venta: informative publication. – Vilnius: Žuvėdra, 2010.
Prastadienių slinktys: essays. – Vilnius: Žuvėdra, 2011.
Zigmo Gėlės namai. – Klaipėda: S. Jokužio leidykla-spaustuvė, 2013.

D r e w   u p :
Tylios mano dainos: 100 years anniversary of Zigmas Gaidamavičius-Gėlė. – Šiauliai: Delta, 1994.
Kuršėnų enciklopedija (together with S. Lipskis). – Vilnius: Žuvėdra, 2005.
Kuršėnų krašto žmonės: encyclopedic edition (together with S. Lipskis). – Vilnius: Žuvėdra, 2011.

C o – a u t h o r :
Dienų ir metų tėkmėje: book-album about the writer Stasys Lipskis. – Vilnius: Žuvėdra, 2011.
Lietuviško žodžio didžiavyris: book about linguist Vytautas Vitkauskas. – Vilnius: Žuvėdra, 2012.

A w a r d s :
1974 Prize of magazine “Kultūros barai” for poems for students’ competition.
1992 Laurynas Ivinskis award for preparing and publishing the best calendar “Šiaulių krašto kalendorius”.
1995 Zigmas Gėlė-Gaidamavičius award for the best poetry debut of the year.
1996 Laurynas Ivinskis award for preparing and publishing the best calendar “Seneliams, tėvams, vaikams”.
2000 G. Stulpinienė award for the book “ Baltosios nakties paukštis” as the best book of the year published by “Saulės delta”.
2002 Nomination “Writer of the Year” by Šiauliai city Government for the book “Ateik bangosna užmiršties”.
2003 Honorary name of regional researcher of Šiauliai for the book “Ateik bangosna užmiršties”.
2008 Acknowledgment by Government of Education and Culture Committee of the Republic of Lithuania.
2014 Gabrielė Petkevičaitė-Bitė medal of honor “Tarnaukite Lietuvai” for journalism.
2014 Award of Naisiai district of 2013 for books about Naisiai and Museum of Literature.
2015 Name of Honorary Citizen of Kuršėnai.

L i n k s :
Vytautas Kirkučis website

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