The Writers’ Club

The Writers’ Club implements diverse literary projects related to preserving historical memory and the meaning of the Lithuanian literary tradition, the spread of Lithuanian exile literature, the popularization of the works of young writers, the presentation of National Culture and Art Award winners to readers, and the support of contemporary Lithuanian literature and its authors. In cooperation with professional artists in different fields, other social organizations, district and city governments, cultural and educational departments, publishing houses, children’s homes, libraries, schools, museums, universities, academies, cultural centers, and embassies, the Writers’ Club organizes various events. It focuses on soirées devoted to individual authors and young artists, on poetry and music events, readings, discussions, anniversary celebrations for writers, concerts, exhibitions, and other events that attract great attention not only in the Writers Club hall but also throughout Lithuania. The Writers’ Club organizes the international poetry festival Poezijos pavasaris (Poetry Spring), which is the largest and most significant literary festival in Lithuania, with events now in other countries as well.

Director – Janina Rutkauskienė
Phone/ Fax: +370 5 2629627, +370 614 75850

Address: K. Sirvydo g. 6, LT 01101 Vilnius
Phone/ Fax +370 5 2629627, +370 5 2617727